Why Choose Us

Below are five reasons that signing up for SpeakSpanishLive.com is an excellent decision.

First, Spanish is the only language we offer, and our method of teaching is proven. SpeakSpanishLive.com teaches the inner workings, the mechanics of the Spanish language, utilizing all primary types of human learning. This method provides a strong foundation that ensures one is speaking the language correctly, while gaining vocabulary and continuing to build more complex sentences. Our program incorporates the important aspects of using visuals, assimilation, and immersion to speed the learning process. Our teachers from Antigua, Guatemala, a world-renowned hub for learning Spanish, have over 20 years experience working one-on-one with people from around the world.

Secondly, our one-on-one instruction via live video conferencing provides an immersion experience that cannot be matched by any computer program. The conversation and relationship that develops between a student and the instructor tremendously accelerates learning. SpeakSpanishLive.com has created an audio, visual and interactive environment that delivers a fun and effective path to learning Spanish.

Thirdly, SpeakSpanishLive.com was founded with the hope of improving the lives of the professional language instructors of Antigua, Guatemala. With 80% of Guatemalans living in poverty, participation in SpeakSpanishLive.com provides a source of much needed income for the teachers in Antigua. SpeakSpanishLive.com was created out of a deep passion to help the Guatemalan families by improving their social and economic standing.

Fourthly, we offer a study abroad immersion program that can catapult you to a new level of fluency in Spanish. SpeakSpanishLive.com offers accommodations in Antigua, Guatemala where you can live with a Spanish family (often the family of your online instructor) taking one-on-one Spanish classes. There is no faster or better method of learning Spanish! Afternoons can be spent volunteering to build homes with Common Hope, working in the coffee fields with As Green As It Gets, hiking volcanoes, visiting lost Mayan worlds, or simply enjoying the beauty of Antigua. This is an opportunity of a lifetime to gain the functional level of fluency in Spanish that you have always wanted.

Fifthly, the study of language is a lifelong endeavor. The more ways you incorporate learning the language, the better chance you have of becoming fluent. SpeakSpanishLive.com can provide the much-needed diversion from the routine college class or Spanish computer program by including another method of learning — a method that is exciting and guaranteed to enhance the learning process. In fact, we are so confident in our program, we believe it will quickly become your most enjoyable method of learning, producing incredible results.

SpeakSpanishLive.com was created out of a deep passion to help the Guatemalan families raise themselves out of poverty by strengthening the country’s infrastructure and improving their social and economic standing.

SpeakSpanishLive.com’s training programs are a win-win offering. You gain valuable knowledge while making a positive impact on the lives of others.